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Swallowbrook Lake

In 1992, SDAA undertook an ambitious plan to purchase land and design a purpose built mixed fishery.  After finding a suitable site at Cooper Street, Ash the Channel Tunnel. diggers were re-deployed to excavate a 7800 m2 lake with two islands.  Since then, the site has been carefully managed with the planting of trees, reeds and lilly pads and the stocking and management of a wide selection of fish species.  
Now Swallowbrook Lake is well established as one of the premier mixed fisheries in East Kent.  With immaculate carp to 24 pounds, roach and rudd to over one pound, perch to 2 pounds plus bream to 8 pounds, crucian carp to 2 pounds and numerous ide (the silver form of the golden orfe) to three pounds this fishery is one of, if not the best  in the area.  It is also one of the most peaceful local fisheries being well away from any main roads or other sources of noise pollution. 

    Check out the Gallery Page to see some pics of the creation of Swallowbrook.


Cooper Street drove, OS Ref. TR, 308599.

Cooper Street Drove, Ash, Kent CT3 2


The Fishery

Depths range from four to six feet and shelves can be found close in and near the islands.  Carp can be caught close to the island and marginal features using the usual baits such as floating crust, luncheon meat, corn and pellets.  The fish are lean, mean fighting-machines so don't fish too light!  Pole-fishing with maggot, caster and pellet can amass some super bags of silver fish with match weights over twenty pounds not uncommon.  The ide are growing quickly and recently fish approaching three pounds have been caught.  These can be caught all around the lake (with maggot the best bait) and Swallowbrook is the only fishery in the area to stock them.  The lake holds some quality perch with red maggot or red-worm fished deep near the reeds the effective method.  Crucians to two-pounds are fond of pellets as are the lakes bream and tench which run to five and four pounds respectively.  Fishing shallow with caster is effective for the  ide and golden rudd which run to twelve ounces and roach to one pound can be caught on maggot or caster.  The lake is permanently pegged and the top spots are pegs 12-14, peg 8  and all four corner pegs, on the right hand bank pegs 29 and 26 are probably the pick of the bunch.  Due to the quality fishing on offer several matches are fished at Swallowbrook throughout the year, please check beforehand and, if there is a match on, why don't you come along and try your luck?




Rules for Swallowbrook Lake

Please refer to the rules and byelaws of the Association.  These have been set down to try to ensure the on-going health of our fisheries and the wildlife which inhabits them.  Please read them and comply with them when you visit our waters since rule-breakers face the threat of expulsion from the club and pleading ignorance of the byelaws is no excuse. Notices of key byelaws for each lake are posted on the lake noticeboards.