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A.G.M 10th April at ......

posted 21 Feb 2017, 10:54 by Bev Edwards   [ updated 8 Mar 2018, 07:18 ]

Sandwich & District Angling Association

Annual General Meeting

The King’s Arms P.H. Sandwich

7.30 pm. 10th April 2018

The Agenda is as follows:

1,         Address by Chairman.                                                                                                                2,    Reply by President.                                                                                                                      3,      Apologies for Absence.                                                                                                                      4,         Presentation of Trophies.

Trophy Winners                                                                                                                                                    The trophy winners are as follows:                                                                                                                     All the competitions are qualifying matches to determine the “Club Angler of the Year”.                    Spring Festival (Swallowbrook).                                                 Kevin Mosley                                     30lb 13oz

Don Spain Trophy (Swallowbrook).                                          Dave Sharp                                         34lb 04oz

Bob Brown Trophy (carp only, Swallowbrook).                   Kevin Mosley                                     47lb 04oz

Jack Heyburn Memorial Cup  (best perch, Reed Ponds).                Ian Smith

Senior Festival (Swallowbrook).                                                Alan Smith                                          24lb 03oz               Summer Festival (tench only, Reed Ponds).                           Kevin Mosley                                     3lb 08oz

Work Party Match                                                                           Tom Chatfield                                    47lb 10oz

Autumn Festival (Swallowbrook).                                             Tom Chatfield                                    24lb 12oz

The Challenge Cup (silver fish only, Swallowbrook).          Brian Bayliss                                      22lb 00oz

The Chunnel Trophy (Swallowbrook).                                  Kevin Mosley                                        34lb 08oz

The Dave Byrne Memorial Cup (silver fish Reed Pond)    Ian Smith                                             11lb 02oz

The Christmas Winter Festival (Swallowbrook)                   Alan Smith                                          7lb 00oz


Angler of the year, 1st Kevin Mosley 213pts, 2nd Beverley Edwards 175pts, 3rd Tom Chatfield 154pts.                                                                       Foc’sle Trophy                                                                                   Kevin Mosley                                     34lb 08oz

Ladies Trophy                                                                            Beverley Edwards

“Children in Need” Open Competition                                   Bob Atkinson                                     55lb 08oz


5,        Confirm the minutes of the 2017 meeting.                                                                                    6,        Matters arising from minutes.                                                                                                                  7,        Treasurer’s Report and presentation of audited accounts.                                                8,        Chairman’s Report.                                                                                                                      9,      Election of Committee 2018/19

For the first time in a number of years, all the existing members of the committee wish to stand for re-election, namely: Tom Chatfield, Mike Edgar, Beverley Edwards, Steve Edwards, David Kirkaldie, Mark Madison, Kevin Mosley, Tony Silver, Ian Smith, Andy Tidy, and Peter Wright. With no other nominations having been received, it is proposed, that the above named members be adopted to form the committee for 2018/19, en bloc.





10,       Proposals for which proper notice has been given.

A,         Despite ever increasing costs, the Committee propose that membership fees remain unchanged for the 2019/20 season, the sixth year running.

B,            In accordance with Rule 19 of our Constitutional Rules, Rules have to be reviewed every four years. This has been undertaken by the committee and it is considered that no revisions are currently necessary.  

C,            In accordance with Rule 7 (iv) of the Constitutional Rules bye laws are able to be revised by the committee as deemed fit. During the year the following bye laws have been revised and are now contained in the 2018 Rule Book which will be sent to you with your new Membership Card.

Delete bye law 9 in its entirety ”When fishing at night only 6 volt batteries may be used”.

Amend bye law 10 to read  “Keep nets may be used on Association waters unless directed otherwise by the Committee. All keep nets to be knotless and of a minimum length of 3 metres. 2 keep nets must be used, one for carp fish over 1kg in weight with all other fish retained in the second net. (It should be noted that a keep net ban is currently in place, outside competitions, as a precaution against a number of fish diseases prevalent in other waters at present.)

Amend bye law 15 to read  “only barbless hooks (manufactured as barbless) are permitted to be used. Double hooks, treble hooks, bolt rigs, plugs and spinners are prohibited. Only semi-fixed leads and feeders are permitted.

Amend bye law 18 to read “Guest tickets are available for all Association waters. Tickets must be purchased prior to fishing (tickets are available at local tackle shops  as defined on your membership card)….Guest tickets may be purchased by a junior member, but only for an adult guest.

Competition Rules

Delete rule 16 in its entirety “No competitor shall approach or telephone another competitor throughout the duration of the competition.”

Delete rule 17 in its entirety “A competitor can only leave their peg to address a call of nature”

Amend rule 18 to read “Any competitor who abandons a match will be deemed to have ceased taking part and must return all fish to the water, unless prior arrangements for weighing the fish caught have been made with the competition steward.”

11,       Any Other Business at the discretion of the Chairman.



Posted 9 March 2018