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Opening our lakes update 12/5/2020

posted 3 Oct 2018, 04:00 by Bev Edwards   [ updated 12 May 2020, 08:35 ]




Dear Member

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement yesterday, that fishing can be resumed under certain conditions, our committee has decided that our waters will open on 13 May.

I have sought guidance from the Angling Trust and as such certain conditions, based around best practice and safety, are to be imposed on you, our members, during this transitional period. Please work with us to ensure everybody stays safe, in order that we can combat the threat of Covid 19 while still being able to enjoy our sport.

*The 2 metre social distancing between anglers must be maintained at all times, with one person per designated swim.

* A maximum of 12 cars will be permitted in each car park to ensure safe distances are     achieved.

* It is the responsibility of all angler’s to be in possession of their own sanitising gel.

*The gates and locks are to be cleaned whenever touched.

*The first angler in each day is to leave the gate open and the last person at the water each day is to lock the gate for the night

*The toilets are not to be used.

*No keepnets or the sharing of landing nets.

Please remember that you cannot fish without a current EA rod licence.

Mike Edgar