Close the the River Stour and Richborough Roman fort the Reed Ponds were originally dug as brick pits back in the 1930's. The two ponds are of very different character and were originally leased by the Association when it was originally formed back in 1948 and subsequently aquired by the Association in 1954. The two ponds occupy an area of 66002m and are within easy walking distance of Sandwich town centre. Parking as available in secure car park opposite the scrap yard in Richborough Road. The gates MUST be locked and secured with the combination lock at all times.


The Backwater Pond

Packed full of features (islands, lillies & reed beds) every swim provides a number of fish-holding areas to fish to. The backwater pond has depths of two to four feet and is stocked with a good head of bream and tench (to four pounds) plus abundant roach and rudd. There are also a number of small carp in the 1 to 3 pound bracket. The lake responds well to pole or waggler tactics with pellets, maggots, meat and paste all capable of producing bites. A light legering approach can also pay dividends on both ponds. The causeway bank has been recently de-silted so should offer an increased depth of water to fish this year from May 1st after the bank has settled following repairs.

The Front Pond


Less-often fished apart from the notorious "mud-hole" swim the front pond is deeper with depths up to 8 feet in the middle. The pond has a very good head of quality roach and rudd for those who like to catch silver fish. There are also skimmers, tench and lots of carp in the one to four pound bracket as well as some very large perch. Again, pole-fishing is the method of choice and fish can be caught very close to the near-side bank on most swims.

Rules for The Reed Ponds
Please refer to the rules and byelaws of the Association contained in your membership book. These have been set down to try to ensure the on-going health of our fisheries and the wildlife which inhabits them. Please read them and comply with them when you visit our waters since rule-breakers face the threat of expulsion from the club and pleading ignorance of the byelaws is no excuse. Notices of key byelaws for each lake are posted on the lake noticeboards.